Meet The Man Behind It All


Mark Appleton, Owner of Resolving Digital

Having worked for over 17 years in the online sphere, you could say Mark was a veteran, or you could just say he was old.

Whilst at some of the largest digital agencies in the UK, and some small ones too, Mark has designed, developed, strategised and managed projects for everyone from startups to large, global, household-name businesses.

He has also worked client-side at luxury goods manufacturers, retailers and professional services firms.

As well as this he has designed for, developed with and managed projects (from both sides) for the vast majority of Content Management Systems (CMS), ecommerce systems and omnichannel providers.


I Will We Will Do The Hard Work For You


Mark is passionate about inclusion and, using his own E.A.R. system, he gathers information from users within your business and your clients to Elicit requirements, Analysing them before making any Recommendations.

All of this experience combined means Mark is uniquely positioned to be able to provide your business with the best, impartial advice when it comes to your selection of a website platform and an agency to implement it.

Whether you’re looking for a Content Management System (CMS), ecommerce or omnichannel system and whether you want one digital agency / systems integrator to do it all or specialists in each field, Mark can help.

Mark also runs The Agency Advantage, helping digital agencies and systems integrators with their systems, processes and procedures.

This means Mark not only understands how agencies work from the ground up, but also means he has an insight into some that you won't get anywhere else.