Don't Tinder Your Way To A New Platform

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We humans are a funny bunch. I think, if there is life out there, beyond the stars, it is probably watching us with bemusement, not daring to venture near us.

As an example. Think about how we used to select our lifelong partner, the love of our life. We would, with a bunch of our friends, get dressed to impress, head out to a bar or club or both. Then we'd get very drunk, sometimes so drunk that we could hardly see, weren't in control of our inhibitions or most of our faculties, and then try and find the love of our life. As if that is the best state by which to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

These days of course it has all changed. You might even say we've evolved. Except, we've evolved to selecting our lifelong partner based on a tiny picture on a mobile device and swiping left or right. We now base our choice on someone else's edited version of their life. Sure, the picture might be of them bungee-jumping in Guatemala, or skydiving over Central Park. Then again, they may have done these things once and been scared out of their wits end which, if you are into bungee-jumping or skydiving, means they probably aren't the one for you.

Selecting a new digital platform, such as an ecommerce system or content management system, isn't a million miles away from either of the above scenarios. As an organisation you will, no doubt, have a budget in mind, a set of must haves and nice to haves for the system to do. You will have heard of systems from other people, perhaps had one recommended to you.

You then pop along to a provider or two and receive a slick presentation or demonstration from them or one of their partners. They'll show you all the amazing things it will do. They'll dazzle you with integrations, beautiful designs, metrics galore. You will leave suitably impressed, wondering how you could have ever doubted that this system wouldn't do what you wanted it to.

But what you've been shown is an edited version of what the final system could do. It's a bungee-jumping, skydiving photo combined. There was no mention of cost in any of that presentation. No mention of how long anything would take, how useful any of it really is, how much would you use it, would you see any return on your investment from it? It's not the provider's fault, or the partners fault. Their job is to showcase the system for you, sell it if you will.

So now you go ahead and purchase the system, "just like the system you demonstrated please" you say. "Ah, well" comes the reply, "you remember that widget that you liked? Well that's not quite ready yet. And those metrics, they won't work with your existing systems" and on and on the list grows.

What you end up with is a system that's nothing like the one you were showcased. It's also nothing like what you originally wanted. It's over budget, disjointed and isn't giving you the functionality you required.  Oh how you wish you'd swiped the other way!

At Resolving Digital we exist to stop exactly this scenario from occurring. We work both provider and client side and we consult with you to ensure you are asking the right questions, to the right people. We know systems and we can match your requirements to the right digital platform, whether that's a Content Management System (CMS), an eCommerce System, Resource Management or any other digital system you're thinking about. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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