Magento Is No More, Long Live Magento (2)

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  • Are you ready for Magento support to stop?
  • Is your Magento business ready to transition to a replacement?

If you are currently using Magento or, fingers crossed everyone answers no, you’re currently having your website built in Magento; then you may have heard the news that, as of November 2018, Magento will no longer be officially supported by the makers of Magento. That’s because all their focus will shift to Magento 2. Are you ready for the switch?

Magento has undergone some changes over the last few years. Firstly, being purchased by eBay, for seemingly sound reasons but it never quite happened for them. Then, in November 2015, following the breakup of eBay, Magento became an independent company once again with a new owner; the Permira private equity firm. Most recently, January of this year in fact, Magento secured $250 million in investment from Chinese firm Hillhouse Capital Group.

That’s all lovely, but it still doesn’t help the fact that as a user of Magento 1, you have around 24 months to transition to Magento 2 or a new platform completely. That may sound like a long time and no doubt for some it is. However, a large, enterprise level eCommerce build could quite easily run six to twelve months. You have integrations to think about, training, the time to go to your board to request funds for an upgrade or a new platform and, before you know it, 24 months have flown by and you are left with an unsupported piece of software.

Some businesses will look at this as a pain, the last thing they need; having to transition from one platform to another or upgrade to a newer version. However, the businesses that will thrive and outperform their rivals are the ones that view this as an opportunity.

Now is the ideal time to begin investigating your options where Magento is concerned. Take this opportunity to really take a good look at what has been working whilst you’ve been using the platform and what hasn’t. Gather some feedback from your staff and clients to see what they think could be improved. Use this chance to make your eCommerce offering the absolute best it can be.

Many businesses have contacted us about this matter. The majority are more than happy with Magento and simply want to upgrade to the latest version. What they are doing however, is taking this opportunity to address some of their other systems and some of their suppliers.

We’re helping several businesses who are taking advantage of this required upgrade to move to new suppliers to take care of their eCommerce platform. For one reason or another, they’re not happy with their existing supplier and so we are aiding with the transition to a supplier who better fits their needs.

Some business are further taking advantage of the situation by moving away from Magento altogether. We are providing consultancy to businesses moving to SaaS based platforms, products similar to Magento and one particular business has been doing so well, they are upgrading to the enterprise level Hybris platform.

Whether you are looking to stay with Magento and change supplier, using this opportunity to move away from Magento to a new platform or simply taking the opportunity to look at the platforms that integrate with Magento, Resolving Digital can help.

We provide digital consultancy services around platform selection and supplier selection and we can help with requirements gathering, tender documentation and invite potential suppliers in to present to you. You can read about all our services here, or why not get in touch for a free initial consultation to see how we can help. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you act sooner rather than later to ensure your eCommerce website remains healthy and supported.

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