Crowdfunding Consultancy



Crowdfunding Consultancy

Resolving Digital can create and implement a successful crowdfunding campaign for your business venture or provide advice and guidance to enable you to manage it successfully yourself.

We perform exhaustive research on campaigns, both successful and unsuccessful, that are of a similar size, region, business-type to yours to ensure you don't make the same mistakes they do and learn from the success they had.

We can advise or plan and coordinate the online and offline activities necessary to ensure your crowdfunding campaign achieves its goal. Setting up the campaign is the easy part, the hard-work begins before the campaign is even live and during the campaign.

Resolving Digital ensure you have thought about everything from the video, regular updates, levels of contributions and awards, marketing activities, the level of work involved in a successful campaign and more.

  • Pre-go live preparation
  • Marketing activities – pre-live and ongoing
  • Goal and contribution level setting
  • Award setting
  • Video planning and creation
  • Updates, responses to questions and enquiries
  • Affiliate opportunities


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