Digital Team Building



Digital Team Building

Resolving Digital have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes providing advice and guidance and hands-on assistance as they bring their digital functions, typically done by one or more agencies, in-house.

  • Are you tired of the daily struggle to reach your account manager, project manager or just anyone from your supplier?
  • Do you struggle to attract the right digital staff for your business?
  • Are you finding digital staff are staying at your business for a year or less?

It’s not uncommon for traditional, non-digital based businesses to experience these issues, it can be a nightmare.

For many businesses, hiring digital staff is a world away from their usual corporate nature.

Understanding what these employees will expect and have experienced previously working for suppliers is key to be able to attract and retain the very best employees.

A Digital Life

When looking to attract the very best digital employees it's useful to be aware of the sort of perks they will usually have had working for suppliers.

For many, things like: Friday drinks, food deliveries, pool tables and game consoles, flexible working, relaxed atmospheres and many more are considered the norm and employees assume that they will receive them.

Whilst you don't have to spend a fortune purchasing and installing the latest games consoles and building a pub in your office, being aware of the more relaxed approach these business have is essential to attracting and retaining the very best digital staff.

Finding people who match your companies culture is far more important than just their ability to do the job. People can be trained, culture is intrinsic.

Resolving Digital can help with:

  • Working environment assessment
  • Job descriptions
  • Recruitment process
  • Perks and offers
  • Interviews
  • Management of staff
  • How you can compete with suppliers for staff

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