Requirements Gathering



Requirements Gathering

Resolving Digital believe a key part of any successful digital project are the requirements the project is based upon.

  • Do you find assumptions have been made about what others will think within the business?
  • Are assumptions made about what users, or worse yet, customers will want?
  • Is focus taken up with either: problems that exist right at this moment or what rivals are doing?
  • Do requirements simply not get gathered because of time and/or resource issues?

Can you imagine the fall out a system, implemented based on requirements gathered in the above way, would bring? It doesn’t bear thinking about, nor does what the system would look like, does it?

Getting your requirements wrong is like getting the architects drawing for your house wrong, in short, it’s a disaster.

Like the blueprints for your house, your requirements govern exactly what your system will look like, what functionality it will, and won’t, have and more.

Utilising our E.A.R process - Elicit, Analyse, Record - we create a clear view on the requirements key stakeholders, business users and customers want to see in your digital solutions.

Typically, the process begins by understanding your business and its strategy, usually workshopped with key stakeholders to kick things off.

Our requirements gathering process addresses items including:

  • Customer needs
  • Business needs
  • Functional requirements
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Integration requirements
  • Resource and management requirements
  • Scale and growth
  • Timescales and costs
  • Challenges

To ease the pressure on your business and ensure you gather the right requirements for your project, get in touch for a free, no obligation, initial consultation to see how we can help.


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